Caregivers Corner

"Do unto others, as you wish for them to do unto you."

Adoration means...
1. Deep love & Respect
2. Worship; veneration

To me, it means to “Adore God”.  Taking care of the elder and disabled is just my way of GIVING BACK for all that the Lord has done and given me.

When my daughter was 4 years old, we bought a few dozen roses, separated them into individually wrapped flowers, then distributed them with a hug to unsuspecting receivers at a near by Assisted Living facility.  

My object was not just to show my daughter how to GIVE at a young age, but to share companionship with the elderly folks who did not have family come visit them on holidays, like Valentines or Christmas. Some of these warm faces have outlived their spouses and children.

Other than our parents and grandparents, the older generation deserves great care.

There are many ways to GIVE BACK and I would love to hear your experiences, passion and ideas.  I’ve created THE ADORATION WAY as a resource to support anyone who needs guidance and encouragement.

Are you an Earth Angel?

If you find yourself saying, “Yes, I’ll take care of you.” then you are an Earth Angel.  Whether you are skilled or unskilled at taking care of someone, your selfless act is to do God’s will.  And When you do it with kindness and love, you doing it without obligation.  That is a true EATH ANGEL.

What is Caregiver Burnout?

When you are taking care of a loved one 24/7, without help from other family members, you will be burnt out in no time.

If you don’t take care of your self, where will you get the energy to continue to give proper care to someone else?  The most important thing to do is to get RELIEF.  Relief comes in many forms and I discuss them, in detail, in my book.

Here are the chapters you'll find inside my book: