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My Courses

These course are made for those who are serious about making six-figure incomes and those who are willing to do whatever it takes without cutting corners.  You must leave everything you know at the door and be COACHABLE.

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Goal Setting Workshop

Imagine everything you've ever wanted coming true. Well, it's not going to happen until you commit your dreams, goals, and aspirations to paper. In this course, I share with you how to discover your PASSION and walking you through a 20 YEAR PLAN.

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Investing for Beginniners

It doesn't matter if you are starting a real estate investing business or some other small business. In this course, you will get the basics on how to get started so you can begin to build a solid foundation for your long-term success.

Creative Techniques for Savvy Real Estate Investors

In this course, you will learn how to acquire real estate with very little money or credit. These are called Creative Techniques because you must learn to mix and match exit strategies to maximize profits.

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

Building rapport, educating the client, and closing a sales is only the tip of the ice berg. What if you could make six-figure incomes using the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. In this course, you will explore many facets of selling, retaining clients brand yourself so the referrals will keep coming.

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Change your life by changing your circle of influence

Look at the people around you and ask yourself, if they make more money than you or if they have the lifestyle that you want to live. If the answer is "No", it's time to keep new company. In this course, you will be challenging yourself to let go of people and things that does not service you.

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Technology is the future

If you feel that technology is not your strong point, perhaps it's time you get in tuned in with reality. Jobs, opportunities and possibilities will pass you by. Don't let that happen to you. In this course, I will walk you through the basics on how to get caught up and ways you can advance yourself.