Frances' Coaching

What coaching can do for you...

There are a lot of risks involved in real estate investing.  With a Coach and Mentor by your side, you can expect to:

  1. Lower your risk
  2. Have access to resources you would not otherwise have
  3. Do more deals than when you go it alone
  4. Get CREATIVE faster
  5. Close more deals

Here’s what you will learn in my online course:

  1. How to Create a 20 Year Plan
  2. How to build your real estate investing business foundation
  3. How to locate vacant properties and communicate with motivated Sellers
  4. How to acquire real estate without using your own money or credit
  5. How to Wholesale real estate to make right now money
  6. How to purchase Pre-Foreclosures using Subject-To
  7. How to make money 3-ways using Seller Financing
  8. How to located and communicate with motivated Buyers
  9. How take your creative real estate investing business to the next level through automation software
  10. How to build a retirement nest egg by owning Free & Clear Properties

Whether you are Wholesaling, Fixing or Flipping, you must learn how to use OPM (other people’s money), OPC (other people’s credit) and OPI (other people’s IRAs) to acquire real estate with no money out of your pocket, no credit necessary, no payments for 1 to 3 months, and asset protection (the property is not in your name but you have full control).

The blind cannot lead the blind…

When you go networking, 90% (if not more) of the people you meet are newby wholesalers or newby investors.  When these people get together, they usually end up breaking even on a deal or losing their shirt and never do another real estate deal again.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Take my course and know what a good deal looks like and be willing to walk away when it’s not.

FREE Cool Tips

These are more than just suggestions.  These are SECRETS TO SUCCESS in becoming better and faster in locating deals, securing motivated Buyers, Tenant Buyers, industry professionals (attorneys, contractors, title companies, etc.) and put investors in your pocket.  These resources are FREE for you to download.  Don’t take them for granted…they will catapult you towards attaining your real estate investing goals.

Locating "For Sale By Owner" Deals

If you are working on a low budget, here are some tips on how you can locate deals by Driving for Dollars online.

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3C's of Organization in Real Estate Investing

You can’t do multiple deals if you don’t stay organized.  There’s an easy way to keep track of your progress.

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Handling FSBO Calls

How do you build rapport and know what to say to a Motivated Seller?  What do you do with the 50% of the Sellers who are NOT motivated?

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5 Step to Success

Real estate investing is a matter of process.  Follow these steps to success and you will be sure to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Inspired by Ron LeGrand
Diagram By
Frances Chau

How to Secure Investors

How do you get to know someone better?  You take them to coffee.  But there are things you should say and do and there are things you should not say and do in order to build long-term relationships.

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What is the MAO Formula?

Learn how to determine the MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE OFFER so you’ll know a good deal when you see one.

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No Money & No Credit - Where do I start?

Start by Driving for Dollars, looking for Diamonds and sticking to a weekly Game Plan using the 5 Steps to Success

Inspired by Ron LeGrand
Diagram by Frances Chau

Working backwards in real estate

Most Wholesalers will find the deal before they find an investor.  I teach you to do the opposite.  Find the investor, then look for the deal he wants so you can CLOSE QUICKLY (within 10 days or less).

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Investing in Yourself

When you invest in yourself, you will take real estate investing more seriously.

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Real Estate Investing During a Pandemic

We can help a lot of people if we set our mind to it.  Never let a crisis keep you from producing income for your family while solving other people’s problems.

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What are KPIs in real estate investing?

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS help you adjust your marketing direction and budget.  Without it, you are simply throwing your money away.

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How to Place Blind Ads

If you don’t have control of a property, you cannot use the address in your ad.  So how can you test the market to know if there is a NEED in the area?

By Frances Chau