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We are a family of companies that cater to the well being of loved ones entering into long-term care and advocates of those who take such great care of them.

When we take care of our parents and grandparents THE ADORATION WAY, we lead a great example for our children.  They will be the ones taking care of us one day.

Spiritual & Financial Enrichment


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Frances dares to be DIFFERENT

Assisted Living and memory Care facilities don’t have to look like an apartment complex, hotel, hospital or clinic.  If it were me, I would prefer staying in a nice homey atmosphere.

I plan to build Private Pay – 16 Bed ALFs & MCFs, in Texas and beyond.  That means I can take care of lots of residents and provide lots of jobs for in senior care.

Next, I will partner up with other Philanthropists to build VA and Medicaid facilities for those less fortunate.  Currently, there is a 3 to 5 year waiting list at well-run Medicaid ALFs.  What happens when the 76+ million Baby Boomers turn 85?

If you have a calling to care for the elderly and disabled, it’s time to take ACTION.  Together, we can take BIG STEPS towards making the world a better place.

When it comes to GIVING BACK in Senior Care, it’s not all about the money.  It’s about CARING FOR PEOPLE. 

To become a volunteer in Senior Care, you must ask yourself, “How much am I willing to give of MYSELF, my TIME,  MONEY, and LOVE?”  

Are you prepared to GIVE BACK in Senior Care?

Here are some important FACTS about assisted living residents in TEXAS, according to NCAL (National Center for Assisted Living):

Are over age 85
Have Alzheimer's Disease
Need help with bathing
Need help walking
Need help dressing
Need help toileting
Need help transferring
Need help with eating

Education & Consulting

“Adoration” means to venerate with deep and high respects, especially for our elders.  To me, it means to Adore God and respect all His Children.

If you find yourself in the Sandwich Generation, where you have to take care of your children and your parents, then chances are, you rarely have time for yourself.

The ADORATION WAY is where caregivers go to get support for when caregiving becomes overwhelming.

You are not alone in your endeavors so please don’t be afraid to ask for help or check out available resources in your city, county, and state.

What if you want to become a Caregiver to other residents who are in the same boat as your loved one?  Suppose you get paid for working 40 hours a week, have health benefits, be able to take two days off every week, and save money for your own retirement…wouldn’t that relieve you of a few worries and responsibilities?  This is another “Adoration Way”.  

If you’ve never heard of this option before, it’s probably because no other Residential Assisted Living or Memory Care Facility is offering this kind of support to its’ Caregivers.  Simply apply to be a volunteer, get free Caregiver training, and join our TEMP to PERM Staffing Program at ADORATIONNEL.

And if you have been able to survived the journey of full-time caregiving, please join the ADORATION WAY, to help others get through some very tough times.

Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities

Built from the ground up, our beautiful residential homes are made with sustainability in mind.  Unlike other ALFs or MCFs, Adoration Homes will be LEAD CERTIFIED.  

ADORATION HOMES brings 6 major attributes of GREEN BUILDING:

1.  Land Selection & Landscape Design

2.  Buildings Designed for Efficiency

3.  Recycled Construction Material 

4.  Solar Powered with Renewable Energy

5.  Water conservation and wast water recycling

6.  Clean Air 

Every aspect of GREEN BUILDING will play a huge role in sustaining the health of our residents and will impact the safety and health for our Caregivers.

For these many reasons, the beds inside our gorgeous homes will be SOLD-OUT before they are even built.

It’s best to reserve a spot for your loved one 18 to 24 months before entering an Adoration Homes for Assisted Living or Memory Care.

Placement for Long-term Care

Whether you desire to move into a small or large facility, there are major steps to consider and major decisions to make.


(1) Locate the perfect temporary Assisted Living or Memory Care Facility to meet your needs

(2) Help you remove belongings from your loved one’s home so it can be made ready for sale

(3) Purchase your loved one’s home AS-IS so you don’t have to make repairs or pay realtor commissions

(4) Use the proceeds from the sale of a home to pay for long-term care or reinvest the proceeds to produce interest income to put towards long-term care

(5) Move you loved one into an ADORATION HOMES once it is built

There are no upfront fees and no obligation to check out our ONE STOP SHOP.  If you don’t feel that we can help your loved one make this difficult transition into Assisted Living or Memory Care, you can always go back to trying getting it all done on your own.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


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"If you treat others they way you wish to be treated, you'll do just fine." - Frances

Match makers of Caring Staff

Attention all Assisted Living and Memory Care facility Directors and Owners.  ADORATIONNEL will help you hire loving and professional staff for your facility.

We stand out from other TEMP to PERM staffing agencies because we put potential candidates through rigorous testing and training.  If you are tired of throwing your money away or having to constantly train new staff because you cannot retain them, we can help.

The reason why we are able to retain our staff FOR YOUR USE is because we do not over work or underpay our staff. We are advocates of Caregivers who become the face of your company and reputation. If ADORATIONNEL feels that a staff member is under pressure of any kind, we will remove them immediately from your facility and our contract with you will end.

An ideal ALF or MCF shall have:

10 to 12 residents, be staffed with no less than 2 Caregivers per shift (not including the Cook or Activity Director)

13 to 16 residents, be staffed with no less than 3 Caregivers per shift (not including the Cook or Activity Director)

Even though Texas’ minimum wage is $7.25/hr, you will pay between $12/hr to $15/hr in order to provide adequate  health benefits and paid vacations.  In other states like California Florida, the wages will be much higher due to higher cost of living.  Please check out our latest rates when you apply for our TEMP to PERM Staffing programs in your particular state.

LVNs, CNAs, and RNs are required to serve Typed B Residents.  They are paid $18/hr and Up.

You can keep a TEMP staff for up to 90 days or make them a PERMANENT member of your team in as little as 10 business days, so long as the feeling is mutual between you and the staff.  If the staff does not agree to join your team permanently, they will remain on ADORATIONNEL’s payroll and continue to service your facility.

ADORATIONNEL will do everything in our power to help you find the right match.


Attention all professionals who have worked or would like to work with the elderly and disabled, ADORATIONNEL is taking volunteers and hiring compassionate people to fill many positions.

We aim for high retention because we don’t settle for those who simply do a GOOD JOB.  We only retain those who take initiative and go out of their way to do a GREAT JOB.  Not just in taking care of the residents but looking out for one another.

Stop being overworked and getting underpaid while trying to save up a “nestegg” for yourself and family.

When you join ADORATIONNEL, you become part of a family of Caregivers who will help you achieve long-term goals.

Here are a few examples of Long-Term Goals: 

YEAR 1 – Receive higher than industry standard pay

YEAR 2 – Receive guaranteed benefits such has medical, dental, paid sick leave, along with paid vacation days

YEAR 3 – Financial Assistance for additional schooling for you or your children

YEAR 4 – Financial Assistance to purchase a new car

YEAR 5 – Financial Assistance to purchase a new home

YEAR 1 thru YEAR 20 – Retirement Savings Plan

NOTE: Each individual’s salary and benefits are based on their experience and ability to grow.


1.  Someone who loves taking care of the elderly and disabled

2.  Never late & always early

3.  Have a moral compass & integrity

4.  Put the residents first always

5.  Helpful to other staff members

6.  Enjoys GIVING BACK by educating others along the way

Hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed because we promote from within.

How to better take care of a parent or grandparent

If you are an ACCIDENTAL CAREGIVER, it means you did not sign up to be one but you’ve stepped up because someone had to. You are not alone.  Join my community of Caregivers to get insights on how to take better care of your loved one while taking care of yourself.

How to GIVE BACK in Senior Care by sharing your Experiences and knowledge - Be the Expert in your Field

If you work in Geriatrics, you know that the elderly and disabled are not always treated with respect.  Let’s put our heads together and figure out how we can get more people to CARE.

Join my EXPERTS PANEL and be the sounding board for future endeavors. 

How to invest in Senior Care while lowering your risks and building your retirement nest egg

Over the next 10 years, 76+ Million baby boomers will begin to required long-term care. If you want to get into the Assisted Living or Memory Care, you’ll need to know what to expect and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Only a handful of qualified investors will be accepted into our program.  Once the projects take off, enrollment will be closed. 


“Frances gave me and my wife great insights on how to better take care of my aging mother and invest in senior care. We now know what to expect when we reach mom’s age.  This education was definitely not taught in schools.”

Joseph Strattan

Frances' Story

I grew up in a poor family and all my life, my parents have called me stupid.  I was a slow learner and never finished the 10th grade.  I resorted to sales jobs that did not require a degree but that did not stop me from making more money than my cousins who had degrees on their walls.

Before I got into real estate investing, I injured my lower back lifting a 50 lb. computer monitor (incorrectly) from underneath a shelf. It put me out for 5 years.

In 2000, I learned about “No Money Down” techniques in real estate. At that time, I had no money or credit for 6 years so this program was perfect for me.   

In my first 6 months, I managed to purchase 7 properties using no money or credit of my own and walked away from the purchasing table with money in my pocket.

I’ve been teaching Creative Real Estate Investing for the past 6 years and I’m very proud to pass on this amazing knowledge to my coaching students.

In 2021, I’m ready to take my real estate investing business to the next level and that’s building ALFs and MCFs from the ground up.

Kevin Harrington- From Shark Tank

I had the liberty of meeting Kevin Harrington, who said, “Being born in poverty does not mean you are condemned to staying in poverty”.

What wealthy people taught me is that no one can steal your dreams or goals.  It’s you, who must TAKE ACTION to acquire them.